After SXSW.... Monsieur Perine!

Coming back you would think I would be able to rest no? But coming back from SXSW I ended up going to a show the next day for Monsieur Perine! The first time I had the chance to watch them was at Pilsen Fest last year and am glad they returned to the Pilsen area again playing at Thalia Hall.  But it was a very lively show with local bands including Los Gold Fires and Dos Santos: Anti-beat Orquesta. Check out the images of the night

And keep on checking to see the beginning of our SXSW Adventure images coming in these days 

First Cumbiasazo of this year!

As we may have not imagined. Cumbiasazo continues to be at Double Door after the wishy washy news of Double Door closing. I felt like everyone just needed that one night to release their feelings after this past month's political stampede. So check out everyone dancing, singing, drinking and just having a good time this first month of the year...... and I promise you that I will be doing more on my blog this year than ever before guys. Some exciting travel plans are underworks! 


Los Crudos at ChiTown Futbol

This was one of the best shows I have seen in a while. I have always heard about Los Crudos and always been wanting to see them. They are a huge part of the Chicago Punk scene in Little Village and I keep on hearing story after story about how they would play at peoples friends backyards "back in the day". Everyone who grew up on the South side had their own Crudo story. Now it was time for mine and only a 5 min walk from my apartment at a indoor futbol field.

Beer, Punk and my friendly camera..... what else do ya need to ask for?

Noise Fest Recap

I survived! I survived Ruido Fest! Three days of Chicago's Latino Alternative music festival, great people, alcohol, after parties, more alcohol, basements parties and bars. I am ALIVE. 
But for real though, even though Ruido Fest had many flaws with artist not coming due to visas issue and to one of the Stages, which we thought was a kids stage but wasn't, being super small compared to the others. Ruido fest as a community was a time that will not be forgotten. It wasn't even just the people from Chicago. It was everyone as a whole from artist to out of towner's that made the fest feel like it needed to be. 

I also had the opportunity to work with Noisey México and US this time around which was my first time working with them. Articles will be linked after images. 

So check out what I got from this years Ruido Fest and I hope you enjoy! 

Lets see whats in store these coming days! Check back soon :)


So let me tell you about this amazing woman named Stephanie Manriquez. I met Steph officially by email. I was interested in shooting for FMEL and she was like YES!... we have no one now who is officially shooting so we'd love to have you on our team in 2010. From then on she became one of the greatest friends I have had in Chicago by far. She let me stay with her when we worked late and when I use to live in the suburbs. She gives the best advice for work, life, love life (haha). But when she asked if I could photographed her Abuelitos (grandparents) last month I said of course and this is what came out. 

Love you Steph! 

Cumbiasazo Family Fest

The turn out was...... INCREDIBLE! According to the park authorities over 5000 came to Cumbiasazo Family Fest. It was an amazing time of family, friends, volunteers and new comers to Cumbiasazo at Ping Tom Park. It was Cumbiasazos first time collaborating with Chicago Park Districts Night at the Parks series for a night of music, vendors, food and even a kids area for the kiddos to play. Houston native and our friends Gio Chamba and San Antonio's Chulita Vinyl Club came to show Chicago what is going on down there in Texas music scene.

Check out my top photos of the day!

Can't wait till next week! Which is RUIDO FEST! This summer is going to kill me...

CumbiaSazo ft. Bleepolar + Precolumbian

Now time for my monthly Cumbiasazo post! This time around Bleepolar and Precolumbian came into town to show us what Chicago is missing out in Philly and Colombia. It was also Pride weekend so you knew things were going to be a bit crazy (in a good way) at Cumbiasazo. 

Here are my top images from the night!


Catch us next week with Cumbiasazo Family Fest at Ping Tom Park. First time ever!  

FMEL Throwback

I was looking through my old hard drive the other day and ran into my early works of my photo career. I bumped into my Festival de Musica Electronica folder and found out I actually took a lot of video at the time as well. Thats where I first started taking my photography career into more journalistic work. So I made a little throwback video because one FMEL has not done much since 2012 and two next year is ten year anniversary and there were talks that an event may happen again. So I hope you guys enjoy because its been a while since I made a video but I am happy with how it came out! 

Check it out: 

I've been really trying.....

I know. I know...... I've been slacking on this. 
A lot has happened since I last made a post on this not so regular blog but I will be updating what has happened in the next few days. 
Also because Facebook quality for images kinda suck

Heres what you missed.

My job closed so now I'm freelancing

Because of said freelancing I made my return to Texas with the Cumbiasazo crew for SXSW!

After all the festivities of SXSW. I woke up for a interview for a teaching artist position (which I got) through CCAP. 

I also had Mala Rodriguez, a Gozalo event, a photoshoot before Natalia Lafourcade and after shoot Natalia, then Cumbiasazo all in one week. (currently still recovering)

Girl has been busy but I loved all of it!

SOOO for the next few days I'll will be updating my blog with all the amazing people I met and shot and I hope you guys enjoy.

Be on the look out!