I've been really trying.....

I know. I know...... I've been slacking on this. 
A lot has happened since I last made a post on this not so regular blog but I will be updating what has happened in the next few days. 
Also because Facebook quality for images kinda suck

Heres what you missed.

My job closed so now I'm freelancing

Because of said freelancing I made my return to Texas with the Cumbiasazo crew for SXSW!

After all the festivities of SXSW. I woke up for a interview for a teaching artist position (which I got) through CCAP. 

I also had Mala Rodriguez, a Gozalo event, a photoshoot before Natalia Lafourcade and after shoot Natalia, then Cumbiasazo all in one week. (currently still recovering)

Girl has been busy but I loved all of it!

SOOO for the next few days I'll will be updating my blog with all the amazing people I met and shot and I hope you guys enjoy.

Be on the look out!