Noise Fest Recap

I survived! I survived Ruido Fest! Three days of Chicago's Latino Alternative music festival, great people, alcohol, after parties, more alcohol, basements parties and bars. I am ALIVE. 
But for real though, even though Ruido Fest had many flaws with artist not coming due to visas issue and to one of the Stages, which we thought was a kids stage but wasn't, being super small compared to the others. Ruido fest as a community was a time that will not be forgotten. It wasn't even just the people from Chicago. It was everyone as a whole from artist to out of towner's that made the fest feel like it needed to be. 

I also had the opportunity to work with Noisey México and US this time around which was my first time working with them. Articles will be linked after images. 

So check out what I got from this years Ruido Fest and I hope you enjoy! 

Lets see whats in store these coming days! Check back soon :)